Mario d’Souza
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Bombay mitaie 2014

Residency at Space 118, Bombay

An installation created during my residency at Space 118, Bombay, November 2014.

The work entitled Bombay mitaie is a metaphor for expressing my emotions in which I have tried to search for the cherished memory of the city and its narration from my childhood. The first aspect of the city that touched me today was the seller of Bombay mitaie. He was like a sculptor, moving from one place to another, and making several forms with his candies. He would make watches, flowers, umbrella, to name a few. Candy : pink in colour, sticky like the gum and bright like the sun... Everything that a child loves !

During this residency, my studio space turned into a cradle in which I felt my desire to be closer to my roots, experiencing a revival. Following my instinct, I combined my memories with my present preoccupation to create an installation with a simple and fantastic narration. Dreamy and almost edible.

The sculpture and the drawings are placed in a four-­walled room, forming a cityscape with its splendour and a blooming faith with its ambition. The drawings, made of coloured inks, speak about a specific object I found in the city. Its natural organic form celebrates the desire at large. A combination of ink drops removes the gravity of the space, evoking a feeling of suspension.